Our 1st Product Hunt Launch — the journey, BTS, and (exclusive) results.

On 23rd May, 2023 — we launched our first product ‘Scoutflo Atlas’ on Product Hunt — an important milestone to make this happen. Here's all about how it went.

Our 1st Product Hunt Launch — the journey, BTS, and (exclusive) results.

Scoutflo started with the mission of making commercial open source (COSS) mainstream.

On 23rd May, 2023 — we launched our first product ‘Scoutflo Atlas’ on Product Hunt — an important milestone to make this happen.

What is Scoutflo Atlas?
Scoutflo Atlas is a marketplace platform built exclusively for featuring commercial open source products.

(What’s COSS) 💡

The goal of this platform is to:

- Make high-quality open source products easily accessible.
- Simplify discovering OSS alternatives to proprietary tools.
- Help businesses evaluate tools to choose their OSS tech stack.

We also launched the beta version of 👇🏻

This blog is all about taking you behind the scenes, sharing all the ups and downs, feedback and reviews and of course, the results of Scoutflo’s first-ever official public launch!

Psst… One part of the results is NEVER publicly shared before 🤫

For your ease of access, this blog is divided in 5 parts:

1. Website
2. Pre-launch phase
3. Launch Day
4. Results (surprise)
5. Feedback

Let’s get into it!

Part 1: The new website ✨

Before the product, here’s what went Live — The official website of Scoutflo Atlas 💙

Some behind-the-scenes 🎬

One of the many drafts of the website content
Significant progress on the design
Internal low-key website launch :)

Here’s the official website of Scoutflo Atlas — let us know what you think!

Part 2: The pre-launch phase

The prep had started MONTHS ago…

…while continually working on building the product(s) and focusing on things to keep in mind, and mistakes to avoid.

The next milestone in this journey was finding an amazing Product Hunt hunter for our launch — Nicolas Grenié (@picsoung) on Twitter!

One thing led to another, and we kept progressing on the roadmap and task lists as planned ✅

Sharing early access with some beta users

Message screenshot

Early access feedback

Feedback by Ife, Contributor

Notifying the COSS Founders

One of the COSS Founder reach-outs

Running into a roadblock… 🛑


We were all set to launch mid-April when our engineering team head noticed a critical issue. It had to be resolved before moving forward.

It was a setback, but we had to make the right call.

That’s how the team decided to reschedule the official launch date.

A step to focus more on the #GoodStuff…

From follower counts to analytics; development milestones and positive feedback — every win was shared to keep the team’s spirits high ❤

We also crossed 610 followers on Twitter — right before the launch! 🎉

Part 3: The Launch Day

After a bunch of foreseen and unforeseen delays — the official launch day finally arrived.

The team was on a 2-day sprint — every member (ops, marketing, content, development) was simultaneously working on multiple things.

We felt equal parts nervous and excited. After all, it wasn’t just our first PH launch, but the first-ever product launch! 🚀

Scrabble tiles and smartphone. 
More awesome freebies here: https://firmbee.com/freebiesun
Photo by Firmbee.com / Unsplash

The day officially started at 12:30 p.m. IST.

We were trending in the top few recommendations on the Product Hunt feed ✨

In just about an hour, we were ranking in the top 5 product launches worldwide! 🤯

Thereafter started a series of ups and downs of our rank ⬇️

6th rank 📉

Back to the 5th rank! 📈

9th rank 📉

8th rank! 📈

Hanging on to the Top 10 status with the Rank 10!

Received some much-needed reassurance by the Product Hunt team! ❤

In the last 12 hours, we faced even more fluctuations…

(even missed taking screenshots)

We kept receiving more feedback, replying to comments, and sharing posts and reposts of the community — who helped us promote the launch.

Lastly, here are the final results of our first-ever Product Hunt launch 👇🏻

The current status (as of 1st June 2023)

A huge shout-out to every person who supported us! 💙💙💙

(You know who you are, just keep an eye on your Twitter :)

We also got featured in Product Hunt Daily — Product Hunt’s official newsletter ✨

Newsletter snapshot featuring Scoutflo

Now it’s time for the EXCLUSIVE update that’s never shared before…



These results came in on 30th May, 2023 — a week later (ofc)

But yes, as our first-ever launch, this is a HUGE achievement and we’re so glad to make it to the Top 5 — among hundreds of other amazing tools launched over the week! 🎉

None of this would’ve been possible without the extraordinary support of the open source community and the incredible founders in this space!

The right time for the 5th section :)

Part 5: The feedback

Hunter’s Comment

This is what the community had to say about Scoutflo Atlas 🌐💙

OSS Advocate
DevRel at Appwrite
5x Founder, OSS Advocate
Co-Founder of Documenso
Co-Founder at Erxes
Co-Founder of Documenso
Software Engineer at Hey Marvin App
Developer Advocate and OSS ambassador
Co-Founder at Formance
Engineering Lead at Stratzy
CEO at BlueLearn
OSS Advocate, Educator, and Developer
CEO at Hanko
SDE intren and Software Engineer
CEO at Medusa
Co-Founder at Cal.com

All your upvotes, reviews, comments, and feedback mean the world to us, while we keep working on improving the platform and user experience.

What’s missing?

All the tweets and posts the community shared—head over to Scoutflo’s official Twitter and LinkedIn to check them out :)

We are now working on the next steps and following us on our socials (linked ^ above) is one of the best ways for you to stay updated ✨

It’s been quite a ride to reach this point, and the Scoutflo team is super grateful to you 💙

Onwards and upwards 🚀

Follow Scoutflo for not just product updates — but to keep learning about the best open source products and creators 💙